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Top 12 Benefits of Spanish Saffron


Spanish Saffron
Writer: Madeeha Batool

Introduction of Spanish Saffron:
Saffron is a spice and essential ingredient used in flavoring food and making recipes commonly known as Azafran in Spain. It is actually an old world corcus having purple or white color flowers with aromatic pungent orange stigmas. Its cultivation requires extreme weather. It was originally produced in Greece and nowadays its three-fourth of total production is being grown in Spain. It is better in quality and highly expensive than the one cultivated in Greece in ancient times.

History of Spanish Saffron:


Spanish Saffron has been used for several years and there is an interesting history associated with it. Roman Emperor whose name was Nero was used to cover the streets with saffron for his ceremonial processions.  Economists say that saffron was once used as currency. The women of Iran used it as a makeup item. Saffron was used for dyeing the robes by the Buddhists. The Phoenicians, who were members of an ancient Semitic people and dominated trade in the first millennium B.C, were used to make veils of their brides with it. The Greek used Saffron as a medicine and a cure for wakefulness.

Nutrition Facts of Spanish Saffron:


According to an estimate recorded by the USDA National Nutrient Database, Spanish Saffron contains 75% carbohydrates, 16% fats and 9% protein. Other than these nutrients, it provides Vitamin B6, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C, folic acid and Manganese as well.

Benefits & Usage of Spanish Saffron:
Spanish Saffron is very famous due to its health benefits and a remedy for various diseases. It is used in threads and powdered form. Both ways have their own advantages and a variety of tips and recipes are used by many people.

Some of its benefits are listed below:

1-    Treatment of Cancer:


Spanish Saffron and its compounds, e.g. Safranal, the crocetin, etc. have proved the best remedy against breast and liver cancer. They can effectively remove the pancreatic tumor as well.

2-    Useful for Blood Pressure Control:


Spanish Saffron is widely used in Spain in making various kinds of dishes and as spice too. That’s why according to a research, Spanish people do have a better resistance against high blood pressure and heart diseases.

3-    Provides Relief from Mental Stress:


Spanish Saffron is very famous for its relief from mental stress due to its specific characteristic that it promotes serotonin and other brain cells. Ancient physicians were used to give Saffron whenever someone wanted to laugh and get rid of depression.

4-    Treatment for Gas trouble:


Spanish Saffron is very useful to relieve from gas trouble because it resolves the stomach problems and maintains the digestive system effectively.

5-    Treatment for Kidney Disorders:


Use of the Saffron spice removes any kind of kidney and liver disorders and purifies the blood.

6-    Treatment for Fever:


One of the important compounds Spanish Saffron contains is crocin which is a well known remedy for high temperature and fever.

7-    Treatment for Arthritis:


Spanish Saffron provides naturally an effective treatment for Arthritis and many of cricket players and Athletes have found it amazing for joint pains and muscle strength.

8-    Treatment for Eyesight:


According to a recent research, Saffron can be very helpful for improving eyesight and it has been proven by patients who complained for weaker eyesight and other eye problems but saw wonderful results after using it.

9-    Treatment for Skin Problems:


Paste of Spanish Saffron is extensively used for various kinds of skin treatments because using the mixture of Saffron and milk on the skin makes the color fair and gives a fresh look to dry skin.

10-    Treatment for Weak Memory:


Spanish Saffron is full of those nutrients that impair the weak memory and improve the retention power.

11-    Treatment for Gums Diseases:


Saffron is rubbed on gums in order to overcome pain, soreness and ignition of mouth and tongue.

12-    Treatment for Headache and Cough:


Spanish Saffron positively provides comfort from headache, cough and cold. It was widely used and suggested by ancient and present day physicians as well.

Recipes of Spanish Saffron:


Spanish Saffron is not only used as a spice, flavor and herbal supplement, but also to prepare many sweet dishes and drinks.  Its aroma adds color to the food. Some of its famous delicious recipes prepared in Asian and Central Asian countries are Spanish Style White Bean and Sausage Soup, Chicken in saffron cream sauce, Paleo Chorizo Sweet Potato and Kale Stew, Payasam (Saffron noodles & raisins - Indian desert), Linguine with Seafood in Saffron Broth, Authentic Paella, Saffron Mussel Bisque, Risotto with Peas and Saffron, Mediterranean Seafood Medley, Saffron Tea, Kashmiri Lamb, Electric Saffron Tea Marinade, Lamb Tagine, Grilled Garlic-Herb Chicken, Chicken Biryani with Spanish Saffron, Indian Saffron Rice, English Saffron Bread, Pan Fried Eggplant with Saffron Mayonnaise, etc.

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Spanish Saffron


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