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Shipping and Returns

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0No Free Shipping until further notice

Until further notice, we no longer offer free shipping or any order amounts.


Please contact our customer service to get special prices on your orders. 

SHIPPING METHOD: May be shipped by UPS, FedEx, US Postal or Common Carrier.

SHIPPING TIMES: Most orders would take 2 to 6 business days to ship after 24 to 48 hours initial processing. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays. Delivery time varies based on distance from our shipping center in New York.

Shipping Policies

  • The rates quoted above are only applicable to orders destined to the lower forty-eight United States.
  • Most continental United States orders are shipped via USPS/UPS Ground Service (3-5 business days shipping time).
  • We reserve the right to choose any shipping method (ie. FedEx, DHL, USPS) to get your order to your doorstep.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities of items based on weight and shipping location.
  • Please note that if your package is returned by the shipper as "undeliverables," you are responsible for both the outgoing and incoming shipping charges, unless the mistake was our oversight.
  • reserves the right to put an upper buying limit on any items, especially items that are priced to promote sale.

Shipment Schedule

  • Most orders are shipped Mon-Fri within 24-48 hours of order receipt
  • Orders placed on Friday and over the Weekend will be shipped out following Week.

Out of Stock or Back Ordered Items

It is possible that your order may have items that are currently back ordered or out of stock, in such cases it is our policy to ship out comparable alternatives. We may notify you regarding such changes via e-mail or call you in reference to them.

If you do not want any substitutes, kindly leave a note to that effect in your order instructions or once you receive our message you have 24 hours to let us know that the changes are not to your liking. If alternatives are not suitable, we can refund the missing items instead.

International Shipping

It is assumed you have read and understood our policies and agree to assume all risk for the shipment including any additional charges or any problems that may arise.

Our default shipping method is the US Postal Service. We ship to most locations worldwide but do not guarantee customs clearance. There may be additional charges related to customs or taxes that are not included as part of the shipping cost in your order. The carrier or delivery service used may charge you these separately upon delivery.

We do not offer refunds or reship orders that are barred or lost. It is your responsibility to identify any customs problems that may occur and we recommend you check the customs procedures and policies in your country before ordering with us. Once your order ships out, under no circumstance will the shipping fees be refunded.

Shipments to Canada
Our default shipping service is US Postal Service as this avoids brokerage fees that you may be charged should your order be shipped using FedEx or UPS. These charges can be significant and are not included in the shipping cost we charge. We recommend you view the Canada Border Services Agency page on ordering items from abroad as this contains valuable information: Canada Border Services Agency

Shipments to the UK
Our default shipping method is the US Postal Service and we strongly recommend you view the UK Gov page for valuable information regarding ordering from abroad: Tax & customs for goods sent from abroad


  • As mentioned above in our shipping policies, we do reserve the right to send suitable alternatives while customers have not mentioned otherwise.
  • Due to Corona Virus situation, we will no longer accept any returns.
  • if any wrong items are sent, we will work with customer to make sure they are completely satisfied.

Customer Call Center: (516) 858-4760
Or Email at:

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