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Rose petals sweet spread a herbal supplement



My friends Do you know that the ROSE PETALS are used to eat for good effects on the body? you all know roses attracts all of us because of its fragrance whether it is in the form of fresh flowers,perfumes or sprays.Rose water extracted from roses have so many good effects on our skin.It moisturizes,cleanse and create a silky softness on our skin .Rose water is also used as a drink for its good digestive properties.It is also used as an eye purifier by the eastern world.Industries are now using rose flavours in ice creams,deserts,pudding,juices and many other food products due to its great aroma.

Today through this article i will like to share rose petals benefits as a herbal supplement on our body.This supplement you can make even in your homes or can easily purchase it from the local supermarkets.They are mostly available in the indian shops.But listen friends first read the following amazing actions of it on our body then i will tell you how to make a rose petals sweet spread at home.

Roses are proven scientifically to contain high quanty of vitamin C. Vitamin C derived from roses, when they are eaten up in the edible form causes red blood cells count to increase and therefore increase haemoglobin in the body.It also contain minerals like calcium,iron,zinc and phosphorus which stimulate the bones for  better red cell production.

By eating rose petals in the form of supplement helps in treating indigestion,peptic ulcer and colonic inflammation.It also acts as a mild laxative to treat constipation .At the same time also gives recovery from diarrhea by the absorption of essential electrolytes lost in the stool to keep up the body balance of minerals and electrolytes.It is also used to increase the detoxifying action of the LIVER.It also used in the children to treat stomach cramps by acting as  an anti spasmodic.

Roses have good property to cure depression.This benefit of it is very popular by spa treatment saloons to give relaxing and calming effects on the body.It is also found to treat psychosis.

Roses acts as an anti septic and treat many infections in the body.It treat acne and boils in the skin.Also treat lung and stomach infections and reducing pain and fever associated with the infections.

Rose petals edible supplement have same effects on  skin as in the form of rose water in making skin soft,supple and charming .It contains vitamin A precursor beta carotene and so it also acts to strengthen the skin tisses and acts as a barrier to protect the skin.HEALS the wear and tear of the skin.ANTI AGING property is achieve through its amazing collagen synthesis and it also slows down the aging process of our body by acting as an Anti oxidant.

Roses improve the eyes by purifying the natural liquids in our eyes.Also strengthen the conjunctiva to act as strong barrier for protecting the eyes.It improves the lacrimal flow to detoxify the eyes from any allergen.

As it contains high quantity of vitamin A so it makes the epithelium lining of our respiratory tract and lungs tissue very strong to combat against infections.Soothe the throat and treat the cough.Both dry and productive coughs can be treat by the roses.Flu symptoms are also get vanished by its continuous usage.CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINES of rose petals are famous for its excellent lung effects.

Scientist are researching on it to know how it acts as an anti cancer.One clear reason is to act as  a strong ANTI OXIDANT to protect the body from free radicals which damages the body tissues by oxidation.Other reason is due to its amazing nutrients which are very important and essential for our body.

Rose petals are taken in clean bowl in the quantity as you required .Wash and strain and leave it on strainer to Dry.Now If taken in 1 cup quantity THEN add half cup sugar (sweetner for diabetics) in it .Mix it with a dry spoon and then keep it in capped bottle in dry place for about 1 week .Then You eat it one spoon daily in the morning or before going in the bed as very beneficial supplement .It has the property that it does not get destroyed and YOU can keep the rose petals sweet spread for months in air tight bottles.

This supplement  are easily available in  indian supermarkets with many brand names .I am personally using AHMED'S rose petal spread ( made in pakistan) for my indigestion and i am getting benefit from it day by day.

Natural things contains essential nutrients in balance quantity and everyone should get benefits from it as they do no have side effects like chemical drugs.

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