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Top 10 Uses for Black Seed Oil


Top 10 Uses for Kalonji Oil

Authored by: Samir Bader

Commonly known as black seed or black cumin in the English speaking community, Kalonji has been historically important in Ayurveda – the traditional Indian herbal medicine system. It has also been given importance in Islam as according to Abu Hurairah the Holy Prophet Muhammad has been quoted as saying that it (Kalonji) is the remedy for all diseases except death.

Its historical significance aside, modern research has found that Kalonji (Nigella Sativa for the scientifically inclined) has analgesic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antipyretic (fever reducing), diuretic and digestion aiding properties. Kalonji oil has been found to decrease blood pressure while improving respiration.

In vitro studies have shown black seed or Nigella sativa to have antimicrobial properties against a number of different types of bacteria. It has also been shown to provide protection against nephrotoxicity and hepatoxicity. Most of the extracts can be gotten from the seeds or from Kalonji oil.


Experiments done on mice and rats have indicated that it is also antineoplastic (inhibits cancerous activity) and has been shown to reduce concentration of cholesterols, triglycerides and glucose while boosting Packed Cell Volume (PCV) and Haemoglobin.

Kalonji has other scientifically proven benefits that we have glossed over and an easy way to get a daily dose of it is in the form of Kalonji oil. Simply take a tablespoon or two a day and you will find your health improving in many different ways over time.

Our top 10 uses for Kalonji oil are:

1) To improve hair and skin health – You can apply the Kalonji Oil or Black Seed oil to your skin or hair directly to help cure rashes, acne, blemishes and making your hair healthier and shinier. Even simply drinking a tablespoon or two everyday should help you clear up your skin and make your hair healthier. This is because it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids as well as vitamin B1, B2, B3 and a number of amino acids. Some suggest that it even clears up eczema.

2) To protect against allergies - Not only does Black seed or Kalonji oil have a long history of traditional herbal medicinal use for protection against allergies, but several research studies that it inhibits allergic inflammation due to its immunomodulatory effect.

3) To protect against cardiovascular diseases – We do not in any way suggest that using Kalonji oil is going to make help you lose weight but it has been shown to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose while increasing PCV and Haemoglobin as mentioned above. While the pathology of most cardiovascular diseases is not fully known, high cholesterol and triglycerides are known to increase your risk for developing such diseases.

4) Makes breathing easier – Using Kalonji oil can help reduce breathing problems. Thymoquinone, one of the constituents of Nigella sativa, has been shown to have spasmolytic and bronchodilator effects and helps improve oxygenation and has been shown to be effective in remedying bronchitis and asthma.

5) To protect against worms – Schistosoma is rated as the second most socioeconomically devastating parasitic disease by the World Health Organization. Research has indicated that the high anti-oxidative content of black seed or Kalonji oil (Nigella sativa) is advantageous in curing this disease. It has also been shown to have anthelmintic activity against hook worms and nodular worms.

6) As an analgesic – A number of studies have replicated the analgesic or painkiller like effects of Kalonji oil. As a natural analgesic that has a number of other healthful properties, it is an excellent alternative to common pharmaceutical alternatives in less severe cases.

7) As a remedy for rheumatism, arthritis, swelling or joints pain – This has been a common traditional use for black seeds or Kalonji oil and it has been verified by several studies. By inhibiting nitrous oxide production, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and is a valid cure for rheumatism. Kalonji oil has also been shown to inhibit the formation of 5-lypoxygenase and 5-hydroxy eicosa-tetraenoic acid production most likely due to antioxidant action, thereby acting as an anti-inflammatory.

8) Aiding your gastrointestinal system – This is another traditional use for black seeds and Kalonji oil that has found backing in numerous research studies done in the past twenty years. It has been shown to have a wide variety of positive effects in the digestive system ranging from acting as an anti-ulcer agent to having a spasmolytic effect that makes it effective against diarrhea to ameliorating hepatoxicity.

9) Improving dental hygiene – Extracts of black seeds or Kalonji oil have been shown to have antibacterial activity against Streptococcus Mutans thus preventing dental caries.

10) As a potential key to cure several types of cancer – Numerous research studies have shown several components of Nigella sativa (from which Kalonji oil is made) showed significant results in either inhibiting or preventing carcinogenic activity.

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Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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